Consultancy Services

Our services include general and specialist consultancy.

General Consultancy

Specialist Consultancy

  • Hazard ID and risk assessment
  • Job safety analysis and SWMS’s
  • Manuals and plans
  • Induction and training
  • Inspections and audits
  • Ergonomic and work station assessments
  • Fitness for work and injury management
  • Emergency and first aid
  • Incident investigation and reports
  • Management reviews and reports
  • Due diligence and governance
  • Strategy, targets and planning
  • Resourcing and budgeting
  • Management systems
  • Risk management
  • Change management
  • Benchmarking and reports
  • Coaching and mentoring


Services range from one-off projects to locums and regular retainers. We also provide services on instruction from lawyers  for their clients.



Simple yet smart, Kitney uses BErTHA in our consultancy services; enabling WHS through Business, pEople, systems and Technology, Assurance and governance.

For more information on BErTHA click here.


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Whatever your business size or business need, our services are simple, smart and tailored to suit. Call us on 07 3014 1233 for a complimentary, no-obligation discussion.

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