Kitney OHS has four key values that underpin the way we think and how we approach services and work.

Our values are:

  • Respect for people – genuine regard for those we work and come in contact with
  • Respect for knowledge – recognition that an educated and informed decision will always be the best decision
  • Respect for investment – high appreciation of value for money and a providing a good return on business time and resources
  • Respect for the future – taking a short, medium and longer term view for business decisions



With our values front of mind, Kitney OHS provides services that are relevant, contemporary and delivered with respect.

Our six-steps to successful services are:

  • Meet – to understand the concern and what the business wants to achieve
  • Confirm  the outcomes and plan the approach and key steps to services
  • Provide – high quality, business focused services
  • Monitor – progress and update services where scope or needs change
  • Evaluate – outcomes and celebrate success
  • Support – ongoing good practice


We know from experience the journey to success isn’t always smooth or straightforward. Our considered and consistent approach ensures our clients receive the best possible outcomes, a return on their investment and a relationship beyond the delivery of services.


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