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  • ISO 45001: OH&S Management Systems (June 2017)
    This article provides background to the proposed new ISO Standard for OH&S Managment Systems, setting out it's benefits and it's high level structure.
  • Budgeting for Health & Safety (Feb 2014)
    Managing health and safety is an important part of good business management. This article written for Croner UK explains how to make good decisions for WHS budgeting and resourcing.
  • Health Surveillance (Jan 2014)
    Health surveillance is a statutory requirement for workers exposed to certain hazards to health. This article written for Croners UK looks at what health surveillance is and when it should be undertaken.
  • Fatigue at Work (Oct 2013)
    When workers are fatigued performance can decline, poor decisions can be made and errors and accidents may happen. This article describes the risks of fatigue and how fatigue can be managed.
  • Manual Handling (Nov 2012)
    This article takes a look at how manual handling can be managed, even when shifting and lifting is a major part of getting the work done.
  • Management of Staff Travelling Abroad (Aug 2012)
    Working overseas is not without risk. Actions should be taken before, during and after travel to manage hazards and reduce risks.
  • Update on OHS Harmonisation (Aug 2012)
    This update reflects on the history of OHS harmonisation and the implications for businesses working across states where the legislation was (and wasn’t) implemented.
  • WHS Management Systems (Jul 2012)
    This article looks at the main elements of a WHS management system and the importance of the system to manage health and safety, meet legal obligations and make WHS part of business and operational management.
  • Be Prepared for the Flu (Jun 2012)
    Contingency planning in business matters. This article explores the potential impact of a flu epidemic and advises how organisations can prepare themselves to respond to one.
  • WHS duties of the “PCBU” and employer (May 2012)
    This article puts the duties of the person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) or the employer under the spotlight. It explains the term PCBU, the purpose of the duties and looks at actions needed to meet obligations.
  • Planning for WHS Management (Mar 2012)
    If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This article shows how the beginning of the year – whether calendar year or financial – is a great time to take stock and decide on a WHS plan for the 12 months ahead.
  • Preparing for Australia’s Work Health & Safety Laws (Nov 2011)
    1 January 2012 saw the introduction of harmonised WHS laws across Australia. This article outlines the actions required by businesses to prepare for the new legislation.
  • Officers Duties for Model Work Health & Safety Act (Oct 2011)
    With the introduction of harmonised WHS laws in January 2012, increased duties for company Officers came into place. This article gives an overview of the duties for offers in the new legislation.
  • Managing Health Hazards at Work (Sep 2011)
    This article looks at the 'health' in health and safety. It explains how hazards can impact the health of workers and how to manage these.
  • Finding Money for WHS (Jul 2011)
    Speaking the language of business is more likely to attract funding and resources for WHS. This article explains ways to find money and fund health and safety at work.
  • Managing Emerging Risks For Occupational Health (Mar 2011)
    The changing nature of work is creating new risks to health. This article looks at new and emerging risks and how businesses and WHS can adapt to manage these.

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