Learning Resources

Use the links below to access learning resources provided by Kitney. Contact us on contact@kitney.com or 07 3014 1233 if there’s anything you’re not clear on or if further information is needed.

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  • Info Centre
    Free to access Info Centre launching 2020 containing info sheets, online self-assessments and user-guides. Example info sheets available now.

    Use the link below for more information.
  • Articles
    Professional, informative and easy to read journal articles written by Kitney for publications in Australia and the UK.

    Use the link below to view the articles.
  • Videos
    Knowledge and know-how in easy to watch and informative videos from Kitney presentations, events and webinars.

    Use the link below to view the videos.
  • LSBU
    Mini-lectures developed for LSBU Occupational Health Nursing Program Students. Of interest to all, not just students.

    Use the link below to access the videos and info-sheets.
  • AIHS
    The Australian Institute of Health and Safety (AIHS) is the peak body for health and safety professionals and practitioners. A great resource for those working in health and safety.

    Use the link below to find out more about the AIHS.
  • Links
    Accessing good quality and the right information is important for smart decision making. Australian and international links are provided to help with this.

    Use the link below to access the links.

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